Science with Ms. Brannon

Students have been working extremely hard on their Drug Education Presentations and I’m very impressed with their results! After learning about the function of the Nervous System, groups of students were given a drug or drug group to research and learn how it affects the Nervous System and the rest of the body negatively immediately and in the long-term. Students then presented their findings to the class to give us a comprehensive understanding of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse at any stage in life, but especially during the teen years while the brain is still developing. I encourage you to speak to your child at home about what they are learning in this unit!

Science with Erica Brannon

We are now fully immersed in our Chemistry unit! So far we’ve covered the basics of atomic structure and types of chemical bonds, providing us with the foundation to start the fun part of this unit next week: chemical reactions! As an extension of our chemical bonding activity, students learned how difficult it is to break the covalent bonds that hold water molecules together. We succeeded when we tried using electricity through the process of electrolysis – the bubbles in the attached picture means the water molecules were being broken down into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas! Students have been hard at work using various models of atoms at at each stage of our discovery process. Models of our scientific topics are extremely useful when the real thing is either too big or too small to actually use in class, and we’ll continue to use these throughout the year.